Saturday, May 24, 2008

Michael Card

A few weeks ago our church hosted a concert by Michael Card. David, being a song writer himself, got to talk a little with him. "Mike" (as he introduced himself) is going to look at David's stuff and consider it for this project. Maybe David will get something published by a "real" studio! Here is a picture of them. Sorry about the lighting. (Michael Card is actually tilting his head back to reduce the glare on the top of his head! How great is that!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday's Breakfast

In the Ward home, we love breakfast!

Caitlyn's: "pancakes!... actually not pancakes.... the peanut butter oatmeal"
(from Deceptively Delicious)
Emma's: "that apple stuff... what's it called?... that we put yogurt on?...."
(Good morning apple crisp)
Abby's: "eggs and bacon... no wait, wait, wait, wait.... yea... eggs and bacon"

Today we had eggs and muffins.... pumpkin millet muffins.... mmmm.

The neighbor asked me on Sunday afternoon if I was cooking up a storm. His wife said, "She's got five kids... she's always cooking up a storm!" That's why I've got to wear an apron mom!