Saturday, April 15, 2006

Coloring Easter Eggs

Abigail coloring eggs We snapped a few pictures from our egg coloring project the night before Resurrection Sunday (also known as Easter). Even though the Easter portion of this holiday is purely pagan in its origins, we don't have a problem participating in the fun activities such as coloring eggs and giving our kids candy in easter baskets. We are far enough removed from the Pagan holiday's roots to have no association with the eggs and bunny and a goddess of fertility and life.

Tonight we also had our usual family devotions in which we go through the entire Sunday service together. What a joy to get such a "preview" on tomorrow's celebration of new life in Christ! We also started a tradition a couple of years ago where we place a small simple doll in the shape of a man, wrapped in linen strips, into a cardboard box fashioned into a tomb. We then roll a stone across the opening while reading the account of Jesus' death and placement in the tomb. On Sunday morning the stone is rolled away and the first thing we do when the kids wake up is go look at the tomb and rejoice that Jesus has conquered death!

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