Friday, August 11, 2006

A Method

This year's planning for school is almost complete. We are planning to start "school" the week of Aug. 22nd. I've gotten my "teacher" notebook together and bought all my books, I've organized my cabinet and bought the girls new scissors. I have lots of ideas but something still seemed to be missing until I read part one of Charlotte Mason's "Home Education". She talks about having a method - a plan - for how we teach our children. She is not talking about the content of our children's studies but the goal of it and the means to get there. CM says
Method implies two things––a way to an end, and a step by step progress in that way. Further, the following of a method implies an idea, a mental image, of the end of object to be arrived at. What do you propose that education shall effect in and for your child?

I have general ideas of what David and I want our children to accomplish in life but I have forgotten to act upon it like CM suggests.
The parent who sees his way––that is, the exact force of method––to educate his child, will make use of every circumstance of the child's life almost without intention on his own part, so easy and spontaneous is a method of education based upon Natural Law. Does the child eat or drink, does he come, or go, or play––all the time he is being educated, though he is as little aware of it as he is of the act of breathing.

So here is a summary of my goals, my "mental image":
I want to raise disciples: women (and now a man) who love the Lord THEIR God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Heart -
  • their hearts would belong to the Lord

  • they would own a heart of flesh and not of stone

  • they would love one another and know how to serve and communicate that love.

Mind -
  • they would be ready and willing to learn when they don't know something
  • they would have a diverse knowledge base so that they have a well of information to dip into and a firm foundation

Soul -

  • they would be satisfied in Chirst alone
  • they would be honest with Him and confess thier sins
  • they would know themselves well and know their temptations

Strenth -
  • they would have healthy bodies and know how to take care of them
  • they would know how to work and enjoy it

I need to work out my curriculum and my days to match these goals. This kind of thinking will gel everything together. I can't wait!

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