Friday, January 2, 2009


Looking back....

Here are some highlights from this past year. Abby got her ears pierced, Emma got Baptized, Ben got a cast, Caitlyn got to spend her birthday in Seattle, and Bethany... well, she is still not walking yet but boy is she cute! We had a great time at the Arborietum and the state fair and the girls have really improved in their figure skating!

Looking Ahead....

We are excited to go to Disney in just one week! There will be an ice show and a lot of *flying-up* in girl scouts. Abby will be going to *real* school in September and right now we are rearranging our bedrooms so that mom and dad can be downstairs with our own bathroom (and we will have a guest room too! So come to visit if you can we would love to have you). We are also going to visit NJ this year. It's been so long so we are excited to see everyone.

We hope your year was a good one and this new year brings many blessings and mercies.

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