Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crinkleroot is Here!

Crinkleroot graced our door on Thursday. He is very cute and very well made.

He is made from this shop: Mama Kopp Shop

Also, here is the wonderful book.

I cant wait to make the birdhouses. I really hope the squirrels wont destroy them!

We used the Jan edition of the Book of Days to inspire us to watch the birds. We went to a local nature center and got to see some new ones like the redpoll. It was so hard to get any pictures with 7 kids milling about. (We went with the Smerillos)

Here are the pictures of their drawings:

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  1. OH! It's Crinkleroot! It's so neat to see him at your house! We love the Book Of Days too. I love the little bird drawings! And the photo above with the dirty knees ;)


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