Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter

This Easter was not very "eventful". No new dresses or ties (I was hoping to make one but didn't get around to it and realized that I had a cute white vest for Ben that looked great). But - we had a great time with friends and ate delicious polish fare. David wrote an Easter hymn for the choir and it was sunny and warm!

We only took a few pictures of the egg coloring. We did a whopping three dozen this year! I thought I had some leftover PAAS but found out there were only 3 pellets of color left. So... we got out the old food coloring. It was great! Do you know that there is even a picture of easter eggs on the front of the box. Why did I never think of using it before?

Bethany got into it....

REALLY into it.

She is ok... it washed off right away and all was well with her....

Especially after she got to eat one!

Hope your Easter was blessed.

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