Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge :: Ruffled Halter

Last week Elsie Marley hosted a Kids Clothes Week Challenge where you are to sew for an hour a day and make some new spring/summer clothes for your kiddos.  Last year I got a shirt done.  I am a very slow sewer.  This year I totally fudged on the rules.  I still only made one shirt but I did it the week before and in two (maybe three) nights.  I have no idea how much the whole thing took but my husband was on a trip and after the kids went to bed I could do what I wanted without feeling bad that I was ignoring my "better half".

If you want you can check out the flickr pool.  The things that these women pump out are amazing!  I do wonder if they really only sewed for an hour each day.  I don't think that they are counting all the prep work like washing the fabric and laying the pattern and cutting the pieces out. I could never work that fast!

So here is what I made:

It is the Ruffled Halter from Oliver+S.  I've always wanted to make something from one of their patterns and this one is free!  I also want to make her a pair of matching Knotted shorts.

Bethany is so willing to have a photo shoot.  Enjoy!


  1. You did an awesome job! However long it took you, it looks so cute- and your daughter is a cutie pie! :)


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