Friday, August 26, 2011

The last hurr- (ha ha)

So this is my attempt to be witty.

Yesterday we went on our last "field trip" of the summer.  Our last hurrah, so to speak, and we went to Minnehaha creek.  Get it?  Hurr-haha.  Don't blame me if you hurt yourself laughing.

Going to the falls was something I've wanted to do since we moved here.  I was a little afraid that I would get some grief from my olders about walking around in nature.  But a few days stuck in the house with nothing to do really changes ones perspective.  They were glad to get out and do something... anything!  And guess what?  They really enjoyed themselves!

Ok, the picture above really made me laugh when I took it.  Do you see there on the right how the middle sister is hanging on the big sister?  She posed like that right at the last minute because she knows that big sis would NEVER let her touch her like that!  Big sister's face is reflecting the shock and horror.  I'm so glad I got to capture this!

So here is the falls.  Amazing that this is next to the airport and really close to downtown.  We climbed down the stairs and ate lunch.  Even though there were a few buses of day care kids (a nightmare for homeschool field trips)  the place was still peaceful.  See a class of them on the top looking over?  They were the yellow t-shirt group.

We walked down the path just a little ways and we reached an area to wade.  We really didn't know what to expect on this trip.  We could not find much information about this park online or even a map when we got there!

This ended our little trip.  It was just long enough to want to come back.  We have some plans for Nana and Grandfather!

And this being our last hurrah, homeschool starts on Monday.

Wish me luck!  (yes, that is my school room.)


  1. Love the falls (and the behind-the-scenes on the first pic...priceless!). What a fun last hurrah! My school room was in the same condition as of last's amazing what the summer does to that room! I was very thankful for the last 5 days without the kids to get it cleared out and organized. Hope you have a good kick-off week!

  2. Minnehaha Falls bring backs memories for me...some good even! :-) It was a classic last day of school kind of field trip when I was teaching in St. Paul. It is a lovely spot; I would have loved it more if I didn't have to be the meanie teacher. :-) This is delightful, Sherry! I wish I had discovered your blog sooner! Sign me up! :-) -Renee


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