Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yarn Along :: Thorpe

Last week I was so inspired by all the yarn along ladies!  Thank you for visiting and commenting too!  It's so neat to see that you guys are really out there.  All those posts are not not just pages on the computer but there are REAL people behind each one.  Who knew?  Hee hee.

So Wendy mentioned the Thorpe and I had to laugh.  My second daughter had just asked for a hat just like that.
 On the needles it goes!
Well, not until after a trip to the yarn store for yarn and double pointed needles.  I got the yarn that the pattern calls for and yum, it's so soft.  I think that I have officially become a yarn snob.  I walked through Michaels and felt each of the yarns and most of them felt so scratchy.  I really see knitting as an experience for me and I want it to be soothing and comforting.  Expensive yarn and bamboo needles seem to do the trick -
(I think I'm in trouble)

I don't know if it is because I'm a DPN rookie or not but putting 4 stitches on 4 needles (that seemed to be a size too small for the yarn) was tough.  As I was struggling through the first few rows I was wondering if this kind of knitting is good for me (you know, the experience).  This seemed too unruly and having to restart over and over was making the awesome yarn get all fuzzy.  I made it through and right now I'm not minding it so much. This picture is me in the middle of putting it on the circular needles (a bigger size too - I hope that doesn't make it too big!)
The pink my daughter chose is amazing.

The book is A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family by Mary Ostyn.  It's very comforting reading a book by a woman who understands my heart.  It's like reading a conversation with a friend.  She has been there - double my family.  Wow, she's really been there.  In one of the first chapters she talks about how hard it was to share a baby sling with a relative.  She felt it in her heart and stomach that this was a sign of the end of babies.  The week before I started to read the book I had the same thing happen over a plastic potty chair.  It's hard for people to understand what getting rid of the potty chair really means.   I was so blessed to then read her experience and know that I'm not crazy!
I found the book randomly on the shelf in the library.   I think that the librarians ordered it just for me.  hee hee.


  1. I always try to introduce myself when I start following a new blog! Hi! My name is Crystal, I live in Canada, and I read a few of your posts after seeing your post on yarn along this morning! :) your style of writing makes me smile, because it's often the 'blogs in my head' that I wish I could translate onto here as well! Nice to meet you, and I'm happy to be your first follower! :)

  2. I could use a sane womans guide to raising a large family, I feel like I'm already locked in what works for me...but, there is always room for improvement!
    Love, love, love the pretty and you can see how soft it is through the photograph!

  3. DPNS are very fiddly to start with- they aggravate me every time! But I am with you on the bamboo needles and nicer yarns!

  4. My girls would love the pink!! I know just what you mean about getting rid of baby things! Just a few weeks ago, I was going through some drawers and came across a 'booger-sucker' and just cried. My youngest (of 8) is almost 2 and I'll never need a booger sucker again. goodness, there I go again...
    I hadn't really been inspired to read Mary's book - but now you have me wanting to check it out.

  5. Heehee, to funny about being a yarn snob *grin*. Once you work with some really soft yarn it truly is hard to buy the cheaper stuff. The leg warmers I'm using for my daughter are just a cheap acyrlic and they are scratchy to the touch which I really don't like but since they will need frequent washing I opted for it instead of a wool :) Can't wait to see your progress next week :)


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