Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yarn Along::Calorimetry calamity and other hat failures

Joining Ginny in her Yarn Along again.  She has a giveaway this week too.  Talk about a hank of yarn making my hart pitter patter.

So I saw this pattern on Ravelry.  I thought to myself, "Wow, that girl is cool.  I'd love to have a headscarf thingy like that.  I DO have a problem always having to wear my hair down and then suffer through hat head the rest of the day..."

And my hands were itching to knit something.  Something fast and fun and something for me.

Well I have to say that I am not as cool as that girl.  Especially when my Calorimetry scarf looks like it belongs on Laura Ingalls.  For some reason it is way too wide for my head.  I checked my gauge and it was pretty much right. But alas... 

I've had this problem with sewing stuff for me too.  I can never get it to look like it does in the picture.  Humph!

I also made and almost finished a Thorpe.  I posted about that a while back.  BUT  after I was done with the double points I transferred it onto a size 10 needle and not a 9 like I was supposed to.  I was being cheap and not buying what I needed.  Well, I'm about to take it all out and try again.  All is well, I just need to get too it before all the snow melts.  (I don't have too much to worry about since we have almost 2 more month of it!)

Right now I am reading  "Expressions: Taking extraordinary photos for your scrapbooks and memory art."  I saw on Mt. Hope Chronicles this book but the library only had one that looked different.  When I click on the "look inside" the book on Amazon it takes me to the book I have.  So... maybe I do have the right book.  I like the one I'm reading none the less.  I still need to take a class on photography someday.  I just got to the chapter on lighting.  I'm hoping I'll have a few tricks to try tomorrow!


  1. Calorimetry is like that. Mine is bigger than I expected it to be... So don't feel bad. It's great knitting though!

  2. Oh you are a Jersey girl with five kiddos?! Well, I am a Texas girl, all grown up and living in NJ with my three kids! Nice to meet you


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