Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The End of 2009


We get a lot of leaves in our yard. The family actually works together (imagine that!) to clean it up. This year they worked harder than ever before. Even Bethany got in on the action.

We also did a photo shoot with our friend.

She got some of the cutest pictures of the kids.

And isn't this a handsome man!

November also was the month of Emma's first Synchronized skating competition. She was so excited. They are a very young team compared to the other teams on their level but they are learning a lot and getting better every week.

November is also Caitlyn's birthday.


Benjamin turned four.

Daddy took him to a Monster Truck Show

There are so many things that I can say about this year and I'm sad that I didn't post more often. Christmas was fun and, as always, overwhelming. I always gain weight, go a little crazy with all the stuff that gets brought into our home, and have tons of fun with my children. It snowed here on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Very pretty. Abbey received boots, Emma got a personal ATM machine, Caitlyn got an MP3 player, Ben got a wooden work bench, Bethany got a baby. I'm so thankful that we all have Jesus.

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