Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More of 2009


There was a huge change of pace here as there is in every home with children come September. Abigail went to school. REAL LIFE SCHOOL. A Public charter school. We always knew that if any of our kids were going to go to school it would be Abbey. We also always thought that as each child got older we would send them to school eventually. It was definitely time for Abbey and we have seen her grow in many ways in the past few months.


The rest of September flew by trying to figure out how to do it all. For the rest of the children we joined a "sort-of" co-op called Classical Conversations. It was a life savor for our homeschool. I was floundering the last year or so especially when it came to history and science. We are in the foundations program and I am a paid tutor. Hear that people... I have a job. I don't really see any of the money though. It all goes to the kids tuition to the program and the books and flashcards that go with it. No matter though, it's really fun to do and keeps me on top of things. In this amazing program the kids are memorizing science facts, history sentences and timeline, math skip counting and formulas, Latin declensions, geography, grammar lists, doing science projects like dissecting an owl pellet and a crayfish, and learning the Tin whistle. Whew it seems like a lot but the kids really love it.

October is Bethany's birthday.

We also went pumpkin picking... well, at least we tried to.

It was pretty cold and muddy and most of the pumpkins were rotten. The fall weather didn't cooperate this year.

We can't forget about Halloween. My kids love it so much they consider the fall to be "Halloween time". I really dislike that way of thinking and try to dissuade those little minds. Futility.

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