Friday, January 1, 2010

2009... Continued

I'm here again. Two posts in two days. I am amazing myself! I think that I'm only going to post about our Vacation today. We had such a good time and did so many things I don't want to miss anything.


We were away from home for most of this month. We took our annual road trip and this year we went to NJ.

We met our cousin Lilly.

Spent time on the boat.

Went to the boardwalk.

Visited the Grandparents.

and went to the real beach.

When our time in NJ was up we headed back in our car and drove down to West Virginia to see some nature and visit our friend's parents.

Our last destination was family camp. It was our first year trying something like this and we really loved it.

We made crafts, sang songs, tried our hand at archery, target shooting, rocket building and launching, rode horses, and saw millions of stars. This camp was amazing for me. We had two family helpers that took the kids to play and sat back at our room when the little ones went down for a nap. We had a date night at the bowling alley in town (that the camp owned!) and I didn't have to cook (or clean up) one meal!

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