Thursday, April 28, 2011

Knitted lace and if I had time to sew...

So I missed the Yarn Along yesterday but I still wanted to post.  I know not a lot of people come to visit the blog without me linking up to something but I still want to keep things up.  It is so hard to know if people are really out there and if people really care about what I'm writing.  The blogger stats are very unreliable.  AND when it comes right down to it, I'm not writing to gain a public following.  I'm writing because I like to write.  I like to share pictures and I like to share the things I love.  I have a blog because it's fun!

So lets have some fun, shall we?

Knitted lace and Paddle~to~the~Sea.

I call that fun.
(Ok, ok, I never said I was cool, nerdy fun is still fun you know!)

Here is a close up.  

The lace sorta looks cable-ly to me.  I still haven't tried cables but it's on my list!

Taking pictures in manual mode is also fun.

This isn't the prettiest of shots but I would have never gotten this on auto mode.  I am such a newbie at this I still have the f stop at 5.6 all the time.  I have a few books and resources and I'm getting better.  I'm itching to be able to learn how to fix pictures (I'm actually shocked to find out that most of the awesome pictures I see on the internet are "doctored" in photoshop.  Picasa has a few tools and I lighten and darken and change the color temperature on some of the pictures but know that MOST of the pictures on my blog are "Straight out of the camera"  I just learned that people call that SOOC.

All right.  That was nerdy too wasn't it.  Maybe the title of this post should be "All the Nerdy Things I Do"  Would it shock you if I said I LOVE Lord of the Rings and X-Files?

If I had time to sew I would love to make this, and this, and this.  ALL the things those ladies make are Ah-maze-ing!

So, on the drawing board (or blogger dashboard) are a few posts.  One about photography, one with a picture to enter this, one about the Arboretum, and hopefully one "writing exercise" post.  As I said in my intro post, "I blog in my head".  Too bad it doesn't just flow right out into the computer!

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  1. Well, I'm following your blog and I love it! I love the window into your world! I seriously am coming to visit you and you will need to teach me to knit. I can sew, and I wouldn't say that I don't have time, I just choose to do other things. I want to know how you find all of those cool websites that you post on your blog? You are really an amazing woman!


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