Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ten on Ten :: An April Sunday

So lately I just haven't felt like taking pictures.  I haven't wanted to lug around a heavy camera on my neck.  I was feeling a little tired of viewing things through a little square on a black box. I was taking a break.

I missed a lot of beautiful moments... our first spring walk, the last Classical Conversations day, a winning egg protector, some fun times at the water park, really cool trains.  I'll just have to remember them in my mind.

But, I also got to be in the beautiful moment.  I was fully there and I enjoyed myself.

I wasn't sure how I was going to break out of not bringing my camera along until I realized this.

ten on ten button

  I have wanted to participate in this photography project for a few months now and this month I didn't miss it!  To join in all you need to do is take ten pictures (one every hour) on the tenth of the month.

So here it goes (these pictures may not be that beautiful but they are my life):

8:00am.  Breakfast cutie

9:00am.  Cleaning the bathroom and getting ready for church.

10:00am.  Going in.  Doughnut time. 

11:00am.  Church shoes.  (Trying not to be too distracting during worship time.)

12:00pm.  Husband at his job.

1:00pm.  Oops, I forgot.  Too busy getting lunch on the table.
  2:00pm.  Company lunch mess.  Guest mess is always the best kind of mess.

3:00pm.  The rhubarb is growing!  I'm dreaming about dessert!

4:00pm.  Playing at small group.  (My girls are super tired)

5:00pm.  Small group.

6:00pm.  Waiting in the car for dinner.

So there you have it.  This was really hard.  Today was dark and gray.  Humid and and then cold.  It didn't feel very natural to have my camera and to take pictures on the hour.  But I think that I will try again next month.

See you soon!


  1. Ohhhh...I've never tried to grow rhubarb in my garden! Is it difficult? I have strawberries growing. Rhubarb would make a great pie though.

  2. visiting from 10 on 10! Glad you participated...i have been doing 10 on 10 for over 2 years....i always look forward to the 10th (& it is fun to look back & see what our days were like!) Looked like you had a busy, yet fun day!

  3. I was just weeding my garden today and found my rhubarb! I'm looking forward to Strawberry Rhubarb pie!! YUM!! Great set of photos! :)


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