Monday, March 7, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: On Monday

Wow!  I just discovered this blog.  I tell ya, I feel like I'm getting more and more deeper into the blog world.  I'm finding more and more women who are deep and real and love Jesus.    This is right where I need to be.  So here it goes:

When I look in the mirror I see...

A woman. My mom.  Better yet the picture my minds eye has of my Aunt Kim (my mom's sister).  I am not a kid anymore.

I am old.  Not elderly, but old.  Not a young person (to some I still am).  I have grown.  Most of my rough and tough attitude is gone.  I can no longer buck up and take it.  

I am weak.  Thin.  My mind and spirit.  Not by body.  I cling to Jesus.  I need Him.

I am easily overwhelmed.  I need the Holy Spirit.  I am seeing that this is what a real relationship with Jesus is all about.  He is not just the savior of my sins initially but my savior every day, every minute.  

He is everything.  Life is hard.  Circumstances and people fail you (fail me).  Comfort doesn't really come from knitting or TV or kids.  It is only found in him.


Laid bare in 5 minutes flat.
I think that I need to do this every week.
Thanks Gypsy Mama.


  1. Comfort in Him only. Sounds perfect to me :D Thank You so much for stopping by & sharing your words at my 5 min.'s as well. God Bless.

  2. #99 popping over here (#98) from Gypsy Mama to thank you for writing. I think I can relate on all accounts. :)


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