Monday, March 28, 2011

Giving thanks

Just popping in to give thanks for the many blessings!  Things don't always go as planned and one can get all hung up and cranky that one doesn't get one's way.

I'm choosing to see the good. So here we go:

14. Some serious outside time.
15. Snow that holds together! (usually too cold and the snow is powder-ish)

16. Shedding coats.

17.  The crab apple tree is still (mostly) standing. (hoping that it will still bloom)
18. The bright spring sun and how it reflects off the snow and shines in my house!

19.  Eager kitchen help.
20. Mister Rogers play clay.  I use the second recipe.

21. A van full of kids.
22. A friend willing to pick me up!

23. Sisters

I pray that you are looking on the "bright" side of things.

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  1. Love these pictures! Your little girl's hair is so pretty! :) Hope you've been well!


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