Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: On Waiting

The Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday is underway.  I wrote this and then decided that I didn't want to post it and then I changed my mind again.  There is so much I want to say I'll just have to do another post.


Yesterday morning I slip out of bed.  I sleepily get my daughter off to school and when she passes through the doorway out into the world, I sit and read.  I open my email.  Some junk (always the junk) and then I am bolted awake.  There is a message from my father.

My father never emails.  He never calls.  We live states apart.  My grandmother, his mother, is not doing well.  

The last visit I had was last spring.  The once robust woman was now small and frail and quiet.  Afraid of not seeing her again I have been praying that she would make it until our family vacation in Aug.  Waiting until August has been hard.  So many things to miss.   

I remember standing on the field and showing her where she will watch me graduate college.  "If I make it till then..."  She always said that and it sounded ridiculous.  I am now 36 with 5 children of my own.  She definately made it for my graduation.  

Oh grandma, please make it till August.


silly girls!


  1. Oh that's hard. That's the waiting that hurts. I've felt a similar waiting these past three years to get home again to South Africa - worried about what might have changed, who might be gone, before I get there.

    Praying peace on you as you wait - here's to August!


  2. I'll pray for her to make it until August too :)


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