Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Look Elizabeth! I made a sock!

I am sharing a conquest for the Yarn Along this week.  The conquest of the sock.  A friend of mine gave me a bag full of tangled yarn and some nifty knitters.  This was mainly for the kids to use but after some time spent separating and pulling out knots, this emerged:

This yarn ball is the size of her head!  I have no idea what kind of yarn this is.  I'm sure it was bought at a chain craft store so its probably "plastic."

So out I blurt, "I could make all of you slippery socks with that."  What was I thinking?  I can't make socks!

So what you thought happened did.  They all looked at me wide eyed and amazed and now I am promised to make at least 4 pairs of socks that I don't even know how to begin!

Now I'm a mommy on a mission.  To overthrow any inhibitions I have about making something that seems so complicated.  I got out the yuckiest yarn (a small ball that was pulled out of the bag gifted to me) and my only pair of DPNs (size 9) and searched Ravelry for a beginner sock pattern.  I found this, printed it out, and got to work.  I made the cuff (knit and purl).  No problems.   Then the leg (knit, knit, knit)  I love how knitting in the round produces all those little "v"s.  I really don't like to purl.  My purling is loose and my stitches come out all uneven.  Now listen, I knew no one was going to be wearing this sock so I didn't follow the length requirements.  I don't think I was anywhere even close to the gauge.  I just wanted to do it so when I was tired with some part I moved on.  Then I made the heel and turned the heal.  Connected everything with the gusset and then made the foot and decreased for the toe.  I stopped there.  I'll learn the kitchener's stitch another day.

This is not a sock for wearing.  It is a victory sock.  You know, like a trophy that you hang on the wall.  Not my best work but a GOOD first try! (if I may say so myself -hee hee)

Oh and I am IN LOVE with Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Every chapter in this book is like a knitting lesson with a close friend.  I haven't tried anything from the book yet but I've learned so much already.  And - if Elizabeth can cheer herself through a snowy April with some knitting -  I think I can make it through March.


  1. I think you did a great job!! I like the part where you were able to just quit one part whenever you got tired of it- if only 'real' projects were able to be finished that way too! LOL

  2. A victory sock! AWESOME!!! It was fun, right? I only knit a couple of socks a year but I really enjoy them. They are such a greta portable roject. This year I started the gift pair in January, popped them in my purse, and now I have them at the ready when I am waiting anywhere.

  3. Love your "victory sock"!! :)


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